Thursday, 9 February 2012

An Alternative Olympic Legacy

Your Life Matters, take care of yourself...

Are you inspired by the Olympics? Many people are, and  just as many think it's  a waste of money, especially in the light of  current financial affairs. Lots of arguments both way's,  for my part, I accept that it is happening and ask myself how can I make it enhance my life, the people in my life and especially those I work with.

On the rare occasions I do watch sport.... it has been known for me to sit through the last hour of the Masters,(husbands a golfer so you've got to show interest hey?)  and of course the Men's Wimbledon Final has it's awesome moments, and I also have to admit, I've even been know to grip the sofa arm when Phil the Power throws a final dart The most enjoyable part of any sport for me is observing that WINNING moment. When you see the first few seconds of realisation, the complete and total  joy that emerges from someone when they've never fails to move me to tears!

To be a winner in life take a lot of drive and determination, winners work hard at what they do and this is not just confined to sport.  To be successful in  business takes the same dedication and commitment. Being a winner is a 24/7 job, 7 days week after week. This is what legacy's are made of and this year I have started to think about  what  my legacy  would be. 

It's also interesting to think about legacies in a scaled down ways , by which I  mean the every day stuff we take for granted, such as raising a family, how we treat people in our every day lives. child hood and upbringing influences the legacies of the future, A helping hand or a smile can change someones day.These are no small legacies, they affect and influence who ever is in line.

 I have come up with a 2012 legacy that could make a difference to 1000 people. Not quite a world changer granted,  I'll tackle the world in 2013,  in the meantime I  need to gather my troops.

There is nothing more rapidly effective to well being as a little and often activity habit,  especially in Basildon where Obesity, Heart Attacks and Diabetes are health priorities.  So I am starting with a local mission in Langdon Hills and Basildon.  I'm  giving a 1000 people the opportunity to try Nordic Walking for FREE!

In my experience, when someone has had a pair of Nordic Poles in their grip, they don't want to let them go! A few motivating  facts that may explain why are worth mentioning here, Nordic Walking Burns 46% more calories than ordinary walking, uses 99% of our muscles in the body, can be used by anyone between 5 and 99 years old, and can  cost ... nothing... once you've got the poles. Nordic Walking is a effective for  improving fitness for sport as well as rehabilitation from injury or operation. It can be just for fun too.

"I have two doctors, my left leg and my right"GM Trevelyan.

For more information on Nordic Walking and what I offer visit go to Find a class and then enter either Sue Hayes or postcode SS16 5NX

M:07973 123315

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