Saturday, 14 January 2012

Is this THE year, YOUR Year?

Confessions of a Health Professional.

Why do we do it?A few weeks into January and thankfully the tightness around my waist has began to withdraw and already I'm feeling a lot better. Like most people I breathe a sigh of relief when getting back to 'normal' and feel happy that it's all over!  Even as I was immersing  myself in the delicious excesses of festive treats that  I deny myself most of the time, I  was feeling confused about what makes me go so wildly off the rails!

I've put it down to a switch in my brain that is generally turned to an OFF setting for anything that might be bad for me or make me feel ill, sick or just plain ugly. My aim, like most of us, is ultimately towards my own good To be happy, feel great,and in control of things that are within my control. And... there was no one holding me down making me eat that extra mince pie or have another glass of wine! Yet once 'the season starts' my other self, the one that hurls headlong into wanton bingeing, flicks the switch to ON and this eating and drinking persona invades by body!

I know this is not just my problem as increasing  obesity levels in this country and  in fact all over the world, indicate a similar insanity that isn't just confined to Christmas. I also realised that come the New Year Resolution, all sorts of plans and goals will be made by all of us who want this year to be 'the one' in which we actually become who we really want to be...our ideal self. (See previous blog)

Mind Games...

To maintain my focus and momentum  I'm using an NLP technique (Neuro Linguistic Programming), this is how our brains are wired to help us achieve what we want and take control of the mind switch that guides us towards the choices we make. If we can become aware of the thoughts that operate the switch, we can regain control over a state of mind that leads to success in achieving the health & wealth of our hearts desire.

What is your habitual way of thinking?

How do you think when you want to motivate yourself? Is it....Away From Thinking ?
  • Are you trying to get away from a situation you don't like?
  • Is your thinking about what you are afraid will happen if  you don't get into action?
 Using my example, my thoughts are foucused on the negative.   I want to stop feeling old, fat, tired,  bloated blah blah , I'm also thinking I'm a  poor example of healthy habits! In this way of thinking I am motivated to move away  from how I feel. The pictures I hold in my mind isme looking old, fat and unhealthy. They are focused on what I dont want. This in NLP  is away from  thinking. This may be useful in that in can spur us into action, but it will rarely KEEP us in action, and if you want to make it YOUR year there is another approach that may keep you on the right track.

 Motivate yourself with Moving Toward Thinking?
  • Are you thinking about a situation you do like?
  • Is your thinking about all the good things that will happen when you achieve what you want?
Using my example again. I think about the positive things I want.  I want to feel lighter, full of energy and a good example of healthy habits, I see myself as an inspiring health and fitness professional who can help others to reach their goals. I look and feel my best and I am helping others to achieve the same. Instantly this MOVING TOWARD  state of mind makes me feel  happier, more confident and I believe,  YES I can achieve this! The negativity about what I don't want is gone. I can create the good and positive feelings I want instantly, I can imagine it as a picture, or listen to the positive words that are in my head or I can feel how I want to feel. We can all do that if we try toward thinking.

Hold the thought of your  ideal self in your mind,  an image, sound or feeling that you will have  when you have achieved your goal. See it, feel it hear it, and you will emerge from those thoughts into the person you know you want to be, achieve your dreams and make your wishes come true! Here's to YOUR 2012...

"A man is but a product of his thoughts what
he thinks he becomes" Ghandi

Your Life Matters...take care of yourself....SH

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  1. Hi Sue,
    I hope that both you and Gandi are right...I am holding this thought in my head...I am 30ish and I have a body like Brad Pitt!
    PS Love the new photo!